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Our Main Goal

Hello! lifebattlesurvivor.com is aiming to give light and hope to whatever hardship you are going through.

Everyday is a constant change. Sometimes what we have or the current situation we are in, may not be what we actually wanted.

We dreamed and hope a lot of things will be easy for us. Life is not perfect. It is a never ending series of up and down. It is a combination of calm and storm. Hence, putting life in equilibrium.

We end up in despair whenever life is in trouble. We are in cloud nine whenever heaven is pouring all of it’s blessings. Win your battles by learning to swim in the middle of the storm. Lose by drowning yourself.

Lifebattlesurvivor.com exist because we wanted to help people escape from their own trap. No human being deserves to feel alone and abandoned. We are here to lend shoulders you can lean on, in times of need.

We can live happily if we start to accept that whatever happens is meant to be part of our life. Then bring the lessons in the next chapter, this time we have a chance to do it better.

Our Approach

This is the place to talk about what you want to change in your current situation. This is where you can open up and confess how to get back to your life. We value and respect your privacy. We want to assure that whatever you share is considered private and is only between you and lifebattlesurvivor.

Meet the Author

She survived struggles in her life and learn to accept it as a challenge. Now she is willing to impart and share to others how she did it. If she was able to do it, then you can do it .


Windy Mepieza


“If you really wanted change, never give up, be persistent, be consistent.”