Are you feeling lost?

“There are days when almost everything around us seemed too much to handle. It could be your career or job and personal matters colliding. “

When this happened to you, it is chaos. You will have the hardest time in your life, deciding what to prioritize. What should come first and what comes last. It is the most difficult part, because you might feel guilty of what your decision will be and how will it affect.

Listen, I know it’s hard. There will be times when you seemed lost of what to do next. And then you end up stagnant, indecisive and unsure. It is normal. Others may not be able to take it and just explode. But my advice to you is….BREATH.

Give yourself time to breath. Give yourself a break. Sleep. Eat your comfort food or watch a new movie. Don’t cram yourself because a work with no rightful thinking and planning will only end up as a failure. Learn to unclog and remove unnecessary thoughts. Sometimes it’s the too much negativeness that is hindering us to think properly. Once you’re done doing this you will feel lighter.

Now list down what you wanted to do and achieve. Yes you read it right. Listing down will make you remember your biggest WHY. You will be renewed and committed to do it again, this time you can think with lesser worries.

You can do it. You will survive this.

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