Hi! How are you doing?

I know it is going to be hard convincing yourself that everything is going to be okay, when almost everything around you seemed a failure. But I want you to hold on there, even if you are barely gripping. Never mind your wounded hands or broken nails. KEEP HOLDING ON!

You might feel like everything is not happening according to your well, but always remember to trust God. Trust the process. You will end getting what you ask for, you will always get what you deserve in the end.

All your hardships and struggles are going to pass by. You might be overwhelmed now and feeling hopeless, but bear in mind that if you really wanted something, you need to work hard for it. What you wanted to be or to achieved is already there, it is already set for you. You just need to align your desires and dreams with your HARD WORK and PATIENCE. Match your dreams with your perseverance and determination.

“You cannot ask for an A, when you studied for B. “

Never mind the hundred or thousand failures you have encountered. Failures and mistakes are recipes in your incoming success. Learn always from your mistakes and see what you can do to improve it. Do not be afraid to risk, because it takes a really brave heart for you to do things you aren’t sure of. You are already a winner.

You cannot expect different result doing the same thing.”

Never lose faith. It is the greatest weapon whenever you are discouraged. There is no such thing as game over. It is only over when you decided to end it up to yourself. You can do it. You can, and you will. Never ever compare your chapter 1 to somebody else chapter 5. We are all bound to something great, God is only preparing you on your right time.

“You decide now, one day or day one?”

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